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Executives and hiring managers look at your portfolio differently than artists do. They want to see results, so you must show them that you're a results-oriented designer.

  • Learn exactly which projects you should include.

  • Make an impression on the first page.

  • Show that you're a results oriented designer.

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This is a crash-course on building a powerful portfolio.

You get access to video training, our 3 step process to building a powerful portfolio, and a 3-day email course that will walk you through what employers want to see in your job application.
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  • Collin Strachan

    Collin Strachan

    Designed Academy Instructor

    Collin Strachan is a creative professional based in Dallas, Texas. He holds Bachelor’s of Science in design and digital communication and regularly works with multi-million dollar clients providing design, photography, videography, and marketing consulting services across the country. Collin started his career as a teenager with live and studio sound engineering, and live production management. He fell in love with creating and has expanded his services to include design, cinematography, photography, web design, marketing, print & production, copy-writing, voice-over work, brand consulting, and more. Collin loves learning, physical fitness, and serving the church through creative arts.

"I used to feel like a design slave. Now I work as an artist."

Don't just work as a designer. Learn how to build trust, get a great job, and enjoy creative freedom.

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